2020 Advent Calendar

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Yes you read that right, I decide to do our first ever Advent Calendar. So this will be 13 days of either shimmer eyeshadow, highlighters, or luminous blush. It will start on 12/13/20 and everyday you will have a new gorgeous color to try and add to your collection. At least 4 of the days will have 2 colors. It could be 2 shadows, it could be a shadow and a highlighter, etc. but all of the normal days will be in a 26 mm pan and it will come in a clam shell. On the 13 Th day which will be Christmas you will get an extra special surprise worth over $35. I will also be including a gift from another company, everyone will receive something different and that is not included in the overall value. It is just a gift from me. The calendar will have a value of over $115, this is a presale and it will ship on 11/25 to give it plenty of time to get to you by 12/13/20. All calendars will be the same, there will be no variations but don’t worry about getting repeat colors. All of the colors are either new or if I have shown them they haven’t sold! Happy holidays everyone!