Blush or Highlighter in a Compact

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This beautiful 57mm compact is clear so you can see your beautiful product. It fits 8-10 grams of product and can be made in any of my blush or Highlighter shades. (It can also be made with an eyeshadow shade)


Here are pictures of each shade of Blush and Highlighter with and without flash, there is a brush Swatch and a finger Swatch. All of my products are Vegan, all natural, and handmade. The blush and Highlighters can be used on the eyes also.


Lilac Love is a beautiful purple blush when you just look at it but once you blend it on to your cheek the Beautiful pink undertone comes through. 

May Flowers is a beautiful pink, it looks like a vibrant pink in the pan but it is a beautiful soft pink that can easily be built up.

The Not So Evil Stepmother is a gorgeous peachy pink blush and was named after the amazing Alexandra from the YouTube channel The Not So Evil Stepmother. She loves a peachy tone blush and I tried to make that happen. This color is an absolutely beautiful mix of soft pink and peachy tones with the perfect amount of Luminosity.

All Around The Mulberry Blush is an amazing bronze tone when you first see it but once you blend it out on the cheeks it is a beautiful brown wine tone with a gorgeous gold shine. 


The gorgeous green tone Highlighter is called Sea Turtle because I absolutely love sea turtles. They come in so many amazing colors

The Blue tone Highlighter is called Flying Fish because the amazing irredesent blue color reminded me of there beautiful wings 

The perfect purple tone Highlighter is called Anya and I named that after the amazing Anya Stamper or Pinksweets on YouTube, and it is gorgeous just like her. An Beautiful purple with a gold undertone

The pretty pink tone Highlighter is called Sandrabelle which is my nickname and anyone who knows me knows I love pink Highlighter.

The Silver tone is Extraterrestrial DNA and if you look close it's actually purple/blue but when you Swatch it, it is a pinky purple color and it has a green interference. It is eye safe also as well as all of the colors 

The gold tone is Gaia after the goddess of Earth. Everyone loves a gold Highlighter so I had to make a beautiful gold with a gold interference. Beautiful for any skin tone but great for darker skin.

 King Triton is a gorgeous Aqua Highlighter with a pink interference. It is so beautiful and leaves the perfect pink shimmer.

Secret Garden is a stunning dusty rose color Highlighter but as soon as you shift in the light the blue interference comes through. It is absolutely beautiful ND works well as an eyeshadow also.

We have 7 new Highlighters, all white base but with a different Interference:

Violet: Debutawn

Gold: Jonathan Pierre

Green: Darlene

Blue: Amber

Red: Tattooed Momma

Turquoise: Neon Rainbow Fish

Magenta: Angel

All of my products are made with Vegan Mica, Vegan Glycerin, and Vitamin E oil

Some colors may contain Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, or Tin Dioxide. They are all approved for eye use and lip use in the USA and vegan.

Please let me know in the comments what product and color you want in your compact. These are all handmade and not prepared until ordered.