Debutawn Palette

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This beautiful 18 pan palette was the custom makings of none other then the amazingly talented and gorgeous  Debbie aka Debutawn. Debbie has a rare Disease called Dercums Disease and recently she was excepted into a clinical trial but she needs help raising money. So since so many people loved her custom palette I thought why not make it a permanent item and donate part of the money to Debbies treatment. So the 18 pan palette is on sale for $60 and $10 of each sale goes directly to Debbies care. All the colors are Cruelty free, vegan, and handmade.


Vegan Mica, Vegan Glycerin, Vegan Vitamin E Oil


Row 1: Unicorn Tears, SnowFlake, Sovereign, Starlord, Nebula, Nona

Row 2: Purple Rain, Indecisive, Just_Anne, Iron Spider, Leann, Gamora

Row 3: Dawn, Fairy Winkle, Calla Lily, Eggplant, Golden Mauve, Turquoise Twinkle

This is the Palette Only!