Just Your Everyday Hybrid Palette

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This gorgeous new 18 pan palette is made using Metallic Mica as well as cosmetic grade vegan mica. The Metallic Mica is what gives the shadows the appearance and consistency of titanium flakes if you pressed them. This palette is best applied packed on over glitter glue.

All the colors are vegan, cruelty free, and Handmade.


Row one:


Jack Herer

Fruity pebbles

Banana O.G.

Super Silver Haze

Wedding Cake

Row 2:

Blue Haze


Purple Urkle

Grape Ape

Sour Diesel

Original Glue

Row 3:

Cali Gold


Candy Candy Kush

Cherry Pie


Space Queen


Ingredients In the products:

Cosmetic Grade Metallic Mica, Mica, Vegan Glycerin, Vitamin E oil

Some colors may contain Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, or Tin Dioxide. They are all approved for eye use and lip use in the USA and vegan.