Halloween 2020 Collection/18 Pan Custom Palette

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Happy Halloween, I know I’m early and this may be a little confusing but you can also go watch the video of all the live swatches on my YouTube channel My “Real” California Life!

So I ended up making 30 colors in total and not being able to narrow it down for a palette so I figured I would give several options and people could pick.

PLEASE PICK 18 COLORS and leave them in the notes!

(Note: The picture shown is just an example so you can see what the inside of the palette looks like. Also put in the notes round or square pans along with the colors you choose.)

Colors are as follows:

Casper: a beautiful highlighter w/turquoise shift

Orbs: a Multichrome highlighter w/blue/purple shift

The Good Witch: a light pink highlighter w/green shift

Mausoleum: a light gray w/purple shimmer

Silver Bullet (Reloaded): a silver w/red shimmer

Dracula: a Smokey gray that shifts to burgundy 

Monster Blood: a gorgeous blood red w/blue sheen

Eternal Flame: an amazing Multichrome that shifts from red to orange to yellow/ beat with glitter glue

Spookly: a beautiful orange with a green shift and sparkle

Pumpkin Guts: a stunning orange 🎃

Pumpkin Spice: an orange w/ green, purple, and holo micro glitter/best used with a glitter glue

Jack-O-Lantern: a deep orange w/ a hint of red

Baylee Madison: A beautiful burnt orange w/ crushed crystal shimmer/ best used with glitter glue

Hay Rides: a beautiful golden yellow

Rykers Journey: a gorgeous neon yellow/ best used over a white base

Flip: a gorgeous Multichrome that shifts from gold to green to peach to pink

Wizardry: a magnificent neon green

The Wicked Witch: a green w/a hint of blue tone

Corn Maze: a gorgeous green 💚

Swamp Thang: a dark musky green

Teal-O-Ween: a gorgeous teal w/crushed crystal shimmer/ best used with glitter glue

Cookie Monster: a gloriously deep cobalt blue

The Count: a beautiful lilac purple w/ turquoise shift

We’re All Mad Here! A beautiful dusty purple

Witch Craft: a duochrome that shifts from purple to blue!

Quarantina: a lovely purple w/crushed crystal shimmer/ best used with glitter glue

Sydney Nicole: A deep purple w/ crushed crystal shimmer/ best used with a glitter glue

Warewolf: a beautiful warm brown w/a red shift 

Grim: a deep charcoal gray w/crushed crystal shimmer/ best used with glitter glue

Apparition: a gorgeous black w/ a turquoise shift

Pick any 18 shades and leave them in the notes!

Ingredients In the products:

Cosmetic Grade Vegan Mica, Vegan Glycerin, Vitamin E oil

Some colors may contain Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, or Tin Dioxide. They are all approved for eye use and lip use in the USA and vegan.