Sativa Dawn to Indica Dusk Palette

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This is 18 new shimmer and Duochrome eye shadows that you will love and wonder how you ever lived without. All of the colors are Vegan, cruelty free, and handmade. As you can see all the colors are named after strains of Marijuana however the palette does NOT include any THC or CBD, only names. 🤗


Row 1:

Green Crack

Christmas Cookies

Double Mint

Pineapple Express


French Toast

Row 2:

Venom O.G.

Blue Dreams


Northern Lights

Tangie Haze

White Diamonds

Row 3:

Purple Haze

Bumble Berry


Grand Daddy Purple

Strawberry Cough

Black Beauty


Ingredients In the products:

Cosmetic Grade Vegan Mica, Vegan Glycerin, Vitamin E oil

Some colors may contain Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, or Tin Dioxide. They are all approved for eye use and lip use in the USA and vegan.